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[wingware-announce] Wing IDE 5.1 released

Wingware Announce

Wingware has released version 5.1 of Wing IDE, our cross-platform
integrated development environment for the Python programming language.

Wing IDE features a professional code editor with vi, emacs, visual
studio, and other key bindings, auto-completion, call tips,
context-sensitive auto-editing, goto-definition, find uses, refactoring,
a powerful debugger, version control, unit testing, search, project
management, and many other features.

Wing IDE 5.1 adds multi-process and child process debugging, syntax
highlighting in the shells, persistent time-stamped unit test results,
auto-conversion of indents on paste, an XCode keyboard personality,
support for Flask and Django 1.7, and many other minor features and
improvements.  For details see http://wingware.com/news/2015-01-22

Free trial: http://wingware.com/wingide/trial
Downloads: http://wingware.com/downloads
Feature list: http://wingware.com/wingide/features
Sales: http://wingware.com/store/purchase
Upgrades: https://wingware.com/store/upgrade

Questions?  Don't hesitate to email us at [hidden email].



Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE

The Intelligent Development Environment for Python Programmers


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