Wing IDE 6.0 beta4 released

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Wing IDE 6.0 beta4 released

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We've just released Wing IDE 6.0 beta 4.  The changes made since beta3

* Support Python 3.6 inline type annotations as defined in PEP 526
* Much easier Raspberry Pi remote development
* Many bug fixes and improvements for the new remote development features
* Automatically find Python installs that follow PEP 514
* Updated French Localization (thanks to Jean Sanchez and Laurent Fasnacht)
* Support symbols with non-ascii characters in autocomplete lists
* Added a preference for the font used for printing
* Allow renaming by clicking in the Name column of the Bookmarks tool
* Add Drop Current and Add Next Occurrences item to multiple selections
* Improved key bindings for multi-selection features (see change log for
* Many other improvements; see

For a detailed list of what's new in Wing IDE 6, supported OSes, and
compatibility notes please

Bug reports should go to [hidden email], or use Submit Bug Report
in the Help menu.



Stephan Deibel
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