Wing IDE 6.0 beta3 released

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Wing IDE 6.0 beta3 released

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We've just released Wing IDE 6.0 beta 3.  The changes made since beta2

* Many fixes and optimizations for editing, debugging, and managing
remote files
* Fix stopping on debug return events and behavior of Step Out
* Fix debug Detach/Attach, Pause and setting breakpoints while debugger
is running
* Fix Move Program Counter to work correctly
* Prevent Debug Probe from locking up when the debug process is restarted
* Optimize detecting changed modules when debugging
* Improve performance when many processes attach to the debugger
* Fix completion when item in popup is clicked
* Make sure the cursor is visible after undo / redo
* Many other improvements; see

For a detailed list of what's new in Wing IDE 6, supported OSes, known
bugs, and compatibility notes please

Bug reports should go to [hidden email], or use Submit Bug Report
in the Help menu.



Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE

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