Wing IDE 6.0 beta2 released

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Wing IDE 6.0 beta2 released

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We've just released Wing IDE6.0 beta 2.  The changes made since beta1

* Improved multiple selection support with Edit > Multiple Selections
menu, a new toolbar item,
   optional floating window that lists the selections, and ability to
press Ctrl (or Command on the
   Mac) while selecting with the left mouse button to add an additional
* Many fixes for the remote development features
* Restore editor selections after undo and redo
* Support debugging code and using the Python Shell with Python 3.6
* Mouse click actions may be bound to commands via key bindings
* Many other improvements; see

For a detailed list of what's new in Wing IDE 6, supported OSes, known
bugs, and compatibility notes please
see -- This is a beta release and
some of the features are still under
development, as detailed in this notice.

Bug reports should go to [hidden email], or use Submit Bug Report
in the Help menu.



Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE

The Intelligent Development Environment for Python Programmers

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