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Wing IDE 6.0.3 released

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We've just released Wing IDE 6.0.3 which (1) implements auto-completion
in strings and comments, (2) supports syntax highlighting and error
indicators for f-strings, (3) adds a How-To for Jupyter notebooks, (4)
allows concurrent update of recent menus from multiple instances of
Wing, (5) fixes Django template debugging, and makes about 70 other
improvements.  For details, see

Wing IDE 6 is the latest major release of Wingware's Python IDE that
adds many new features, introduces a new annual license option, and
makes some changes to the product line.

New Features

  * Improved Multiple Selections:  Quickly add selections and edit them
all at once
  * Easy Remote Development:  Work seamlessly on remote Linux, OS X, and
Raspberry Pi systems
  * Debugging in the Python Shell:  Reach breakpoints and exceptions in
(and from) the Python Shell
  * Recursive Debugging:  Debug code invoked in the context of stack
frames that are already being debugged
  * PEP 484 and PEP 526 Type Hinting:  Inform Wing's static analysis
engine of types it cannot infer
  * Support for Python 3.6 and Stackless 3.4:  Use async and other new
language features
  * Optimized debugger:  Run faster, particularly in multi-process and
multi-threaded code
  * Support for OS X full screen mode:  Zoom to a virtual screen, with
auto-hiding menu bar
  * Added a new One Dark color palette:  Enjoy the best dark display
style yet
  * Updated French and German localizations:  Thanks to Jean Sanchez,
Laurent Fasnacht, and Christoph Heitkamp

For a more detailed overview of new features see the release notice at

Annual Use License Option

Wing 6 adds the option of purchasing a lower-cost expiring annual
license for Wing IDE Pro.  An annual license includes access to all
available Wing IDE versions while it is valid, and then ceases to
function if it is not renewed.  Pricing for annual licenses is US$
179/user for Commercial Use and US$ 69/user for Non-Commercial Use.

Perpetual licenses for Wing IDE will continue to be available at the
same pricing.

The cost of extending Support+Upgrades subscriptions on Non-Commercial
Use perpetual licenses for Wing IDE Pro has also been dropped from US$
89 to US$ 39 per user.

For details, see

Wing Personal is Free

Wing IDE Personal is now free and no longer requires a license to run.  
It now also includes the Source Browser, PyLint, and OS Commands tools,
and supports the scripting API and Perspectives.

However, Wing Personal does not include Wing Pro's advanced editing,
debugging, testing and code management features, such as remote host
access, refactoring, find uses, version control, unit testing,
interactive debug probe, multi-process and child process debugging, move
program counter, conditional breakpoints, debug watch,
framework-specific support (for matplotlib, Django, and others), find
symbol in project, and other features.


Release notice:
Free trial:
Feature list:

Questions?  Don't hesitate to email us at [hidden email].



Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE

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