Starting a Wing Tips series with helpful hints

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Starting a Wing Tips series with helpful hints

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We're starting a new weekly series called Wing Tips to deliver tips,
tricks, and helpful hints to Wing Python IDE users.  It'll focus mainly
on Wing Pro and Wing Personal, with the intention of revealing some of
the more hidden but useful features and introducing new features in
manageable chunks.

The original conception was to send those here but we've decided to
split the list so people can decide whether they want to receive them or
not without having to leave the wingide-users list (and vice versa).  
You'll see a different list specifier in the subject and each email will
contain a footer with link so you can unsubscribe or adjust list options
independently on each list.  Or email us at [hidden email] for help.

You can also subscribe to the RSS feed at and they will appear on our
website at as we release them.

The first installment will go out shortly and we expect to release one
per week after that for the foreseeable future.


Stephan Deibel
Wing Python IDE | The Intelligent Development Environment for Python

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