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On Fri, 17 Jun 2005, Gavin Huttley wrote:
> I'm increasingly writing documentation for our project as
> restructured text doctests. It would be nice if Wing provided syntax
> coloring for restructured text. Is their a way to extend wing to do
> this? Even better, a mixed-mode with python and rest color for rest
> formatted doctest files.

Wing uses Scintilla, which is an open source code editor as the basis for
its editor.  If someone were to write a ReST lexer for Scintilla, we would
certainly include it.  Longer term, we might write one ourselves since we
use ReST quite a bit, but it's not a high priority item compared to other
things in our plans.

I don't think the Python lexer is set up for doing multi-language lexing,
but Scintilla supports the ability to kick off another lexer for sub-parts
of a document.  The HTML lexer does this for Javascript, etc.  However, for
Python the trick would be to do something reasonable even if the docstrings
are not ReST format.  It may be OK to just treat all docstrings as ReST,
but I am not sure what other formats people might be using and how the ReST
lexer might interact with those.

You can find out more about Scintilla at  We can
of course help w/ dropping in a new lexer, if you end up writing one
and don't want to wait for us to update Wing.

Stephan Deibel

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